Creating a resilient sales plan that works throughout the year

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There are an infinite number of options sales leaders can pursue when building sales plans to achieve revenue goals. The challenge is figuring how to focus your finite-sized sales organization to give each seller the best advantage to hit their number, and deciding when – and how – to pivot when things aren’t going according to plan. Shifting market dynamics, evolving corporate strategies, and unpredictable buyer demands require well-orchestrated, flexible plans that can stabilize and accelerate revenue growth all year long.

Watch this on-demand video to hear practical advice on steps you can take to align sales resources on optimal segments and motions that generate the highest return, improve sales productivity, and chart your path to revenue.

  • How to align your sales strategy to corporate goals (and how to adapt it when goals change)
  • How to drive focus and prioritization among your sellers to optimally cover your market
  • What to do when things go wrong – how to get your sales organization back on track before it’s too late

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